Indian Creek Marketplace

2014 Vendor Application

Welcome to the Indian Creek Marketplace. We have lots in store for this year. Our season will begin on Saturday, May 10, 2014 and will run each Saturday through October 25, 2014, weather permitting. Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. You are welcome to arrive any time after 7:00 AM to set up at the Keller Property lot (Old Hwy 135, at the bottom of the hill just after crossing the bridge), but we ask that you are ready and open by 8:00 AM. Develop Downtown Corydon, wishes to thank Main Street, LLC for their assistance in providing liability coverage for the market. Please note, with changes being made to the market, we reserve the right to change the times and location of the market as needed. Thank you for your patience!

Click this link for our easy to use online application: Online Application

Click this link to download a printable application: Printable Application

Instructions for Printable Application:

1. Print and fully complete the application including all applicable contact information so that we can reach you if we have questions.   We are required to know where all the produce comes from that is being sold at our market, so please be as complete as possible. Please read the complete rules for more information. Vendor Rules

2. Main Street, LLC has graciously offered liability coverage of the marketplace when on site at the Keller Property lot. This covers liability against injury or death to anyone associated (vendors and customers) with the Marketplace while open. This does not cover liability on personal products sold at the market, especially food products.
Indian Creek Marketplace requires all home-based food vendors, and produce vendors to hold liability on their food products sold at the Marketplace. It is highly recommended each vendor discuss liability coverage on their products with their insurance company to ensure they are fully covered during their time at the Marketplace.

3. If your setup involves a trailer, please indicate that so we are able to determine where to put your setup.

4. If you are a produce vendor, please indicate what each type of product group that you will be selling at the market.  For example, if you will sell greens that you grow, only one entry is needed.  But if you will sell greens that you grow along with greens from a neighbor, please list each group of products separately.

5. If you are a food vendor, please indicate what you will be selling at the market and the contents of the products.  If selling eggs, they must be kept at 41 degrees F or less and used egg cartons may only be used if relabeled with vendors name and address. Vendor must have a current egg vendor license issued by the State Egg Board and a copy of the license must be on file with the Board. (For a retail vendor license from the Indiana State Egg Board: We will need a copy of the documents submitted to health department with the application.

6. If you are selling “finished” or “prepared” foods, i.e., baked goods, jams & jellies, etc., please be sure that all ingredients are clearly identified.  Please be certain that you can sell your foods as prepared & be knowledgeable about which items may be made at home and which items need to be prepared in a licensed kitchen or require certification.  All food items must comply with State/County Health Department guidelines.  Please contact Tracy Monroe at the Harrison County Health Department for assistance or to obtain certification for your food products.  A health department employee may drop in for an inspection at any time.  Develop Downtown Corydon and Main Street, LLC will not be responsible for vendors who receive citations or are closed down due to non-compliance with state health laws.  Booth rental fees are non-refundable.

7. In an effort to provide a high quality marketplace experience for our patrons, this is a “juried” market.  Prior to final approval, all non-food/produce items sold must be approved by the committee.  This includes antiques, arts & crafts.  We don’t want to exclude anyone, but do not want the market to resemble a flea market or yard sale.  We want to assure that the market enhances the downtown and meshes well with the atmosphere of our beautiful, historic town.

8. If you are applying to be a full season vendor, it is expected that you will be at the market each week.  Each full season vendor will receive an assigned space.  If you want to pay the full season price, but will not be at the market each week, the booth space assigned will be determined when you arrive at the market each week.  We will do our best to assign space as close to the same location as possible each week.

9. Payment will be due at the time of your application. We will be open for 26 Saturdays. August 2nd through October 25th 2014, Booth Rental will be $75. Single Day Booth Rental is $10.00. Monthly Booth Rental is $25.00. Full Season Booth Rental is $140.00.

10. A pop-up canopy is suggested.  The maximum pop up size is 10 by 10.  If larger than a 10 X 10 tent is needed, the additional space will be $10 per foot additional in each direction and placement will be limited to specific areas of the property that can accommodate the larger setup area.

11.      Space will be made available to a limited number of ready-to-eat food vendors each weekend.  Priority will be given to not for profit organizations, civic orgnanizations, school groups, churches, etc., for fund-raising efforts.  Please understand that there is currently no electrical service on the property, so vendors will need to offer items that can be safely maintained without electrical service.

12.       Indian Creek Marketplace is managed by Develop Downtown Corydon.  Please visit our website: for marketplace updates and information, as well as new vendor applications, etc.  Also join us on Facebook…our group is “Develop Downtown Corydon”…for our open forum of support, shared news and an exchange of ideas for all things uniquely “Downtown Corydon”.

To reach us by phone or in person:

Tracy Webber – 812-267-0430
To Mail your application and check, payable to Develop Downtown Corydon:
Please send to P.O. Box 314 – Corydon, IN 47112

The Indian Creek Marketplace is dedicated to providing a venue that our community and vendors enjoy.   IF you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you!
Develop Downtown Corydon


Easy to Use Online Application

You may use the form below to submit your application for booth space in the 2014 Indian Creek Marketplace. If you fill out the “Spaces Available” section, once you click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form, you will be re-directed to PayPal to make your payment. You DO NOT have to be a PayPal member to use this option.